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Welcome to Mudd Mediation and thank you for visiting. I’m a practicing mediator since 1993 with a diverse background in business, finance and public sector service including local government and community projects. As a certified mediator, I have helped people find resolution among a wide spectrum of crafts, disciplines, and personal matters. It brings me great joy to see people delivered to personal and professional resolve. Please jump-start your journey by browsing the website resources and use the contact form for service inquires or questions.

Choosing a Mediator:

Choosing a mediator can be a challenging personal decision. It is important to select a person both disputants can work with open and honestly. A mediator with situationally specific expertise provides additional advantages toward negotiation efficiency and overall agreement quality. Participants will spend less time achieving a “shared view” of circumstances with experienced mediators.

I have spent over 20 years in finance while specializing in construction lending. I have mediated for clients across Idaho with a 95% solution rate including divorce, child custody, property and business partnerships. I am an experienced cognitive self-change facilitator with specific training in addiction, substance and abuse. My diverse business experience has rendered an extensive network of experts including accountants, legal professionals, trade and craftsmen available for reach-back consultation in complex matters.

If you are facing a challenging and complicated dispute, consider Mudd Mediation as the final stop on your path to resolution.



Areas of Practice

Business Partnership

Restructuring, Dissolution and Settlements


Contract Amendments, Reinstating Work and Disputes

Child Custody

 Special Needs, Visitation Agreements, Child Support


Investments, Real Estate, Redistribution of Debt, Financial Planning and Co-tenancy Agreements

“To All,  5 years ago I engaged Cindi for mediation services.  My situation was on the brink of going to court which is lengthy and very expensive.  Fortunately, a friend recommended Cindi, and she saved the day.  She was able to recognize my delicate and complicated situation.  Cindi was insightful and skilled enough to keep the process moving forward even though there were complicated financial matters and unique custody challenges.  Many people would say this was too tough for mediation, let an attorney handle it.  On the contrary, Cindi has the knowledge and skill to get the job done quickly and correctly.  I highly recommend Cindi to anyone who is in the highly emotional and difficult situation of divorce.”
—-Mathew Falvey

“I have worked with Cindi LeBrett on a number of family law cases. I have found her to be fair, efficient and organized. These attributes translated into expedited resolution of disputes and cost savings for everyone involved. I look forward to working with Cindi in the future.”
— Wm. L. Punkoney, White Peterson P.A.

Additional Services

Asset Settlement

Asset Settlement

Includes evaluation, re-allocation, division or liquidation plans for assets involved in business dissolution, restructuring or personal separations. Our mediation services include specialized expertise for Investments, Real Estate, Debt Redistribution, Financial Planning and Co-tenancy agreements.



Uses mediation concepts to resolve problems in families by facilitating discussions and guiding participants to appropriate advisors or other resources. Mudd Mediation provides specialized services in (1) Family conferencing for relationship recovery, (2) Child custody, (3) Personalized parenting plans, (4) Visitation and child support and (5) Disability and special needs situations.  



Moving families and personal relationships beyond the adverse effects of addiction are serious and important. Mudd Mediation can help you (1) Re-establish broken relations, (2) Create standards for intervention planning, (3) Develop sobriety and relapse prevention plans, and (4) Develop Graduated visitation plans based on sobriety progress.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Mediation is a popular form of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR). Many people think formal conflict resolution necessarily involves judges, courts and attorneys. While litigation may be appropriate in some cases, it is not your only option. ADR is comprised of two primary methods that differ greatly from litigation and include mediation and arbitration.

What is Litigation?

A legal process where attorneys present a case with evidence to a judge who is substantially empowered to determine the outcome. Clients have little control or influence in the process aside from choosing an attorney and providing evidence. Participants are legally obligated to comply with the judge’s ruling, however, in practices disputants sometimes resort to subversive behaviors to delay collection or compliance with legal verdicts. It is generally accepted that litigation does little to recruit buy-in from stakeholders making agreement compliance more difficult to sustain long-term.

What is Arbitration?

A formal process to settle disputes using a neutral third party whose decision the disputants agree to accept. Arbitration seeks to obtain a fair resolution of disputes based on the criteria defined by the participants. During arbitration, disputants present each side of the situation with supporting evidence directly to the arbitrator. The arbitrator decides the final outcome which is legally enforceable and stands without means for appeal or re-negotiation.

What is Mediation?

Mediation is a formal process where disputants work with a neutral third party to negotiate settlement. Mediation differs significantly from arbitration or litigation as the disputants are responsible for identifying solutions and converging on an agreement. Mediation is non-binding and disputants may resort to litigation post-mediation, however, escalation is uncommon. More importantly, mediation is conciliatory and restorative leaving participants better positioned to coexist in shared communities or industries.