Self Governing Contracts

What are self-governing contracts?

Self Governing Contracts are binding contracts created by disputants who want to control and self-define the outcome of their own resolution.  Disputants that use Self-Governing Contracts determine their own performance standards and payment structure of their settlement by securing the agreement with collateral.  The contract stipulates the conditions, and standards for performance.  When each performance standard is met then the collateral described in the agreement terms is released.  If the stipulated terms of the contract are not met by the Defendant or Respondent then the collateral is released to the Plaintiff or Petitioner. Collateralizing the performance standards in an agreement assures the negotiated outcome will be met.

How is it different than a traditional agreement?

Self-Governing Contracts serve a purposes not available in the Court system.  After the court awards you a judgement you are not paid for the loss of the claim represented.  You must go further to seek a monetary solution initiating another legal protocol inside the legal system with an attorney.

With a self-governing contract, you become in control of the agreement outcome and the process is collateralized to ensure everyone honors the agreement made.

How we can help.

Cindi Le Brett is an innovator in the field of self-governing contracts and has the experience necessary to help clients draft and execute contracts that benefit all parties.

Self- Governing Contracts put the disputants in control.  They author the predictable performance standards with solution they can successfully manage in the final outcome.